I offer regular pop in visits to your cat thus avoiding any stressful time spent in the cattery. I can feed, change litter, play with and make a good fuss of your cat whilst offering them company while you are away. Your feline will be happier in their own environment giving you peace of mind that they are being well cared for in your absence.

I can pick up post, water plants and your garden, close and open curtains to give the impression someone is at home. My vehicle is unmarked, so as not drawing any attention whilst I am at your house.

I have several years experience of medicating cats that have diabetes or require regular on-going medication.

£8.00 per weekday visit / £9.00 per weekend visit
  • £15.00 2 Visits am & pm (weekday) £17.00 2 Visits am & pm (weekend)
  • An additional fee applies for Bank Holidays